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Why is VIP Dog Club the best choice for my dog?

At VIP Dog Club, your dogs are cared for and loved like our own. Our experienced team is devoted to providing a healthy environment where your pet is safe and secure. We’ve thought of everything – from activities to keep your pets happy and engaged to carefully designed accommodation perfect for restful stays. We treat all our guests with love and respect, following all special instructions, to offer the exceptional standard of care your beloved pets deserve.

Is my dog going to spend the night in a kennel?

No, we are not a kennel. Your dog will have the opportunity to move about without restriction in our secured indoor areas with other dogs. We match every stay and only accept friendly and well socialised dogs. If your dog is crate trained you have to bring their crate.

Do you provide outdoor play areas?

Yes! We offer 1600sqm of indoor and outdoor areas. Around 700sqm of grass yard and 3 large concrete areas for supervised exercise and play. We have an aromatic garden filled with plants that dogs love! All puppies love rolling around in it. We also have a swimming pool on site, sand pits, ramps, tunnels, and many amusements for your dog to explore. Our yard was designed for dogs to enjoy. We provide a range of activities to keep your pet happy during their time with us.

Does my pet get any rest?

Yes, we have many break times during the day.

Do you have an age limit for guests?

No, we care for dogs of all ages at VIP Dog Club and many of our guests have been coming to us for many years.

Our youngest guests need to be over 16 weeks (fully vaccinated) – usually 10 days after their last vaccination. We have a special area designed for puppies.

And there is no age limit for older dogs. Our team is experienced in providing all of the extra special care that senior dogs may need during their stay with us (including medication). We don’t have any additional charges for mature dogs.

Do I need to book in advance?

Definitely! We have lots of wonderful families that love to bring their furry friends for holidays and daycare at VIP Dog Club. We recommend all our customers to book in advance as we are a popular business in our area. And there is high demand during the holiday periods, so being extra organised helps.

How much does it cost?

Check our DAYCARE and BOARDING sections for prices. All dogs must come in for a first assessment prior to any bookings.

Do you require a deposit?

At all other times, no deposit is needed.

How do I pay?

We accept cash or bank transfer

ACC name: Recoy Pty/Ltd
BSB: 814-282
ACC number: 50641613
Please identify your deposit (dog's name and invoice number - i.e.: MOLLY inv6455).

All payments must be made prior to pick up.

What vaccinations are required?

We require all puppy vaccinations plus any annual vaccinations – C5 or above for a dog (which includes Kennel Cough).

We are only a month overdue for vaccination? Can my dog come?

No, we are very strict with all vaccinations and will not risk the health of any pet in our care. We will only accept current vaccinations.

How do I make a booking for my dog?

New customers must call us on 0420 381 671 to book for the first time. If we have availability for your dog, you will be asked to register on our online portal and an assessment date will be allocated. All dogs must provide proof of current vaccination status (including kennel cough). All customers must accept our Terms and Conditions prior to the assessment day.

If you are an existing customer you just need to login to our portal and book online.

What if I need to change or cancel our booking?

We understand that plans change. You are able to change or cancel your booking any time prior to the check in date. Please contact us as soon as possible if your plans change.

If your dog has already been checked in and your booking has to be decreased in length, you will not receive a refund.

Are the dogs supervised at all times?

Yes! Our team members are always supervising the dogs. Not only are they present, but they are constantly moving throughout the pack, watching for physical or verbal cues that let them know how each dog is doing.

For the boarding dogs, we have a team member overnight on site. Our facilities are locked and set with security systems. We also have video cameras running inside and outside of the facility at all times. We have fire alarms and smoke detectors. The safety of your pet is our number one priority at all times.

Does my dog need to be desexed?

All dogs over the age of eight months at VIP Dog Club must be neutered or spayed (dachshunds = 12months).

How many dogs do you accept in a day?

The number of daycare and boarding dogs varies from day to day. We break our pack into groups based on temperament, size and play activity to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time.

Why is my dog so thirsty?

We get asked this question very often. Please rest assured that your dog has clean water available 24 hours a day. Some dogs don’t drink as much while in daycare due to the extra amount of mental and physical stimulation they experience. We encourage all dogs to drink water many times during the day. We monitor your pet's water intake and we will let you know if your pet is not drinking at all. Please provide water when your dog gets home.

What do I need to bring?

DAYCARE: ALL daycare dogs must be on a leash during drop off. No need to bring any toys or a bed. If you are bringing lunch or special treats for your dog, please label it.

BOARDING: ALL overnight dogs must be on a leash during drop off. Please bring: bed/blanket, food (and written feeding instructions). Everything must be labelled. If your dog requires medication or has any medical condition or allergies, you must add all of the information into your dog's profile and inform our staff during check in.

Your dog will sleep in an area with other dogs. We take no responsibility if their bed gets damaged. We strongly suggest you bring a cheaper bed (i.e. Kmart) for their stay.

If my dog is staying overnight, do I need to inform you of drop off/pick up dates and times?

Yes, you will need to inform us of the dates and times when booking your dog in. Our overnight rate is for a 24h period. If you drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon the following day, you will be charged for one night plus a daycare fee.

What if my dog needs medication?

We have trained staff who can administer medication, including injections. No extra charges apply. Please provide medication in labelled containers (no glass please!).

You should bring the exact amount of medicine for the length of the stay. It must have a clear label with written instructions for dosage and frequency.

What if my dog get sick or injured?

It is very rare, but sometimes pets do get sick or injured while staying with us. If it is a minor incident, we will administer general first aid. If it is more serious, we will seek veterinary attention straight away. We will always contact you, keeping you informed about your pet. Every event or incident will be reported.

Our attentive staff are trained to watch for any changes and to be proactive about welfare checks. With such a high return of guests, we know all our pets very well and if we spot something we will always call you to share any concerns and discuss the best course of action.

In the event of illness, a VIP Dog Club staff member will take your dog to our recommended vet. If emergency treatment is required, we will take your dog to the nearest available vet. All vet expenses are going to be paid by you (the owner) of the dog upon pick up (please refer to our terms and conditions).

Do you offer pick up and drop off services?

Yes we do, please contact us on 0420 381 671 to check availability in your area

What are the opening hours for your DIY dog wash station?

We are open Mon to Fri from 7:30am to 6pm. Sat and Sun from 8am to 5pm.

TestimonialsWhat Our Customers Say

I’ve used both the daycare and boarding options and I cannot fault the process. The online portal is so easy to use and makes it easy to keep track. I also really liked the assessment process to ensure that Ernie would get along with the other dogs at the club. Knowing that other dogs have taken the same steps is very reassuring. You never really know how dogs can be with others!

Shelby Moses

Claudia is amazing. The communication is outstanding with lots of pics sent throughout the day to keep you up to date. Oscar has the best time and it is so good to see him socialise with others in a safe environment. We are so happy we have joined the VIP Dog Club Family

Camila Ficker

My two Dachshund absolutely love their day at daycare, Claudia and Arthur are the most beautiful people that love and care for all the dogs, would only trust them with my fur babies

Dee Taylor

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